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Who is Sera Tonin?

Somewhere between breakbeat, drum and bass and house lies the elusive sound of Sera Tonin. By bringing a classic style to something that hasn’t been done yet, the Denver DJ/producer has captured the attention of old and new school fans alike.


Pushing the boundaries of electronic music isn’t all she’s accomplished over the course of her career, and doing so with integrity has earned her the support of fellow talent. Through her Sera Tonin Music artist imprint and Coalescence collective, she’s provided a platform for such like-minded artists as Codakolor, 37 and James Grebb. Not only that, but she’s crossed over into nu metal as the official DJ of the band No 1 Left Standing.


Steeped in the gritty drum and bass scene of England in her youth, it comes as no surprise that Sera Tonin (real name Tashaya Abbott) has long favored the sounds of the underground. Once an escape during her troubled childhood, the scene grew to become an all-consuming lifestyle when she was exposed to bigger productions after relocating to Denver at the age of 18. In 2008 she invested in DJ equipment of her own, and she honed her skills by pouring countless hours into her craft in the years that followed.


2015 marked a time of significant career advancement for Sera Tonin. Not only did she elevate her professional career by debuting at House of Blues Las Vegas, but she performed in theLOUNGE at Denver’s then-premiere nightlife destination, Beta Nightclub. She soon added the club’s main floor in addition to such Mile High City staples as The Church, Club Vinyl, Bar Standard, Cervantes Masterpiece Ballroom, & the Mesa Theater in nearby Grand Junction.


It didn’t take long for Sera Tonin to recognize that she needed to release original music in order to level up as an electronic musician. Just as she poured herself into DJing for years prior to gigging, she spent countless hours in the studio developing her skill set as a producer. Her 2020 singles are a testament to how far she’s come. “Digital H3roin” blends deep, dubby house music with the urban influences at her roots, whereas “Requiem” sees her ride the hazy line separating liquid drum and bass and trip-hop.


Adding a layer of dimension to Sera Tonin’s increasingly eclectic music career is her work alongside nu metal band No 1 Left Standing. Coming onboard as their official DJ in 2020, she’s incorporated her signature style of turntablism into their “aggressive hip-hop” sound. Her contributions can be heard on singles like “Deathtrap,” and she’s begun performing alongside them as well.


Sera Tonin’s live music pursuits make all the more sense considering how instrumental sampling colors her creative process as a producer. Her affinity for the broken beat leads her to layer recordings of analog drum sounds over even four-on-the-floor concepts, along with additional sound design that sets them apart. With house music as popular as ever, these subtle hallmarks have enabled her to stand out in a saturated market.


Sera Tonin will continue to bridge the past and future of dance music one darkened dance floor at a time. Keep tabs on her unfolding career to see what comes next for this forward-thinking starlet.

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