Sera Tonin is a Producer & performer known for her bouncy dynamic sound.  On stage, her style can range from big techy break beats with heavy bass, to a more minimal, ambient progressive bounce. 

 Sera Tonin's stimulating euphonic sounds are known to effect the cerebral cortex & central nervous system. Certain frequencies and rhythms cause a natural boost of serotonin, causing feelings of elation, euphoria, and happiness. Bringing back balance to the mind.
With a decade of experience spinning, she started releasing original tracks. With nearly a new track dropping every month!!! she doesn't seem to be slowing down anytime soon.

Understanding the importance of experience, and influence, Sera Tonin created Sera Tonin Music. The mission of STM is to help facilitate a space for DJs, Producers, Performers, and music enthusiasts, to find their community through a network of other artists.


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