• Sera Tonin

Who is Sera Tonin anyway?

I first discovered the magic of music when I was about 13. For a time, growing up I lived in a home that was being torn in two directions. One was fleeting and angry, the other tense and stuck. The clashing of these energies was unbearable and at times the noise created caused chaos in my life. It was around this time I came across my first tape. I had heard music before but this one was different it was mine and I had chosen it intentionally. I could spend hours alone with it. When I listened to it, I realized I could disappear. I could run away anywhere I wanted. I fell in love that day… and it was a love that would carry me, three years forward, to my first live show. I was blown away by what I found. My life up until this point, had been rather mundane, and sometimes dark and disappointing. This was probably the single most moving, maybe even "spiritual" experience of my life. Floating in a sea of people, all vibing together. It was intoxicating! For the first time in my life I felt community! I felt at one with everything, with everyone, like maybe these people could understand me. I wasn’t as alone as I had thought. I had found people that spoke my language and I have been building a family ever since.

I first got my start as a DJ in 2012 and I haven't taken a day off since. I play a wide variety of events both in Las Vegas, and Denver. In clubs such as Beta, The Church, Nativ, The Black Box, Your Moms House and pretty much every other dope spot in this city. I am both a solid mix of old school dirty British liquid electric vibes and a bouncy breaky techy American twist! These diversified influences have made me into the DJ I am today.

I have just begun getting my hands dirty producing and I am quickly falling in love with it. It is a rush putting yourself out there like that and I have always had an addictive personality.

I find myself surrounded by the most intellectual and inspired individuals and my goal is to create a space in which that knowledge can be shared. I am so eager to share a seat with you and learn with you. I have only gotten as far as I am today because of people wiser than myself that came before me. That were kind enough to share that wisdom with me. As well as the support and love of a community that has become a family, and continues to grow every day!!!!!!

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