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   verb ~(used without object), coalesced, coalescing.

1 .to grow together or into one body:

The two lakes coalesced into one. unite so as to form one mass, community, The various groups coalesced into a crowd. blend or come together:

Their ideas coalesced into one theory.





We started our dj / Producer clubhouse (physical & Digital) in order to bring our Denver music community out of their solitary basements and back with each other, which we whole heartedly believe that, that is musics intention... to bring together... to make us feel at one!




A producer and DJ from Denver, CO. After spending 7 years perfecting live mixes in the genres of progressive and electro house, he dove into music production. Charting on Beatport’s Electro House Top 100 at #27, James continues to expand the boundaries of his own take on electronic music.



A guitarist, producer, composer, engineer and Dj. He has been playing for 16 years in the Denver music scene and it shows. His music style is live in your face guitar with rhythmic bumping beats. Other than that it is hard to define his music. 37 believes music should be "expressive, raw, & gritty, sounds that take you somewhere and make you experience feeling and emotion". He is influenced by The Beatles, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Eric Clapton, Big Gigantic, Dr Dre, and so many more. With such diverse influences his music brings a really unique sound!


Codakolor is an electronic music group consisting of two members: Jairo East and Sev Collazo. They cover the Denver Music and Tokyo electronic music scene, producing and playing live frequently in both cities. 

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More music from dope artists in our community and on our stream. Available for download and purchase.