Cerebral Streams

EVERY month we choose 2 or more artists to join us for a podcast session in the recording studio followed by a jam session on the decks! We are always looking for fresh music and ideas to share. So if you've got what we are looking for we invite you to join our community and apply to be on air. We typically book at least a month in advance so don't expect to be on the next podcast though.

We start with a 30 minute (roughly) podcast. This is where we get to know the artists, and cover a plethora of topics, as well as interacting with the live audience and answering questions. We then follow with Dj Sets from our host and our guests. When applying you will be asked what vibe / genre you are bringing, this information may seem silly but it is crucial for setting you up with the best co contributors. This also give us a good flow throughout our stream, and gives our followers an experience that translates!!!

Our Sunday podcast & music stream is the perfect way to meet new people in the industry. Connect with an audience musically as well as on a personal level. Get your music & message out there!

Please come prepared with your music and headphones!!!!

We will provide 2 x Cdj-2000 & DJM-900Nxs2 mixer for everyone to use during this time.  We are also capable of plugging in an other cool electronic instruments you might have! We are excited to hear what you've got!

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To be on our podcast & stream fill out this form. Please send any mixes to
and well be in touch!